Interview with Muules

Thankyou to Muules bassist Rhys for answering these few short questions and taking time out to talk to me . Listen to the bands debut EP at ( if the link doesn’t work just search for them on Spotify )

Tell us about your self and each member and what inspired you to become a band . 

I first put the cogs in motion for Muules back in March 2017, when I needed a creative outlet for what I was doing outside of the main project I play bass in (reggae outfit Bearfoot). I wanted to go back to my alt-rock roots, but use a different method.  Being a big fan of Royal Blood and Death from Above 1979, I loved the concept of not using any guitar, but instead exploring the sonic abilities of bass, drums and vocals. Over a three-week period, I had a massive music vomit where I wrote and demo’d 13 tracks in three weeks.
By chance, I happened to catch up with vocalist Nathan, who I used to be in a band with over a decade ago, and sent him the tracks to have a listen to. Always loved his vocal style (has a full 90s Chris Cornell/Scott Weiland thing going on).
We needed a drummer that could hit hard, and I’m a fan of Nick’s style and his other band, punk outfit Not To Regret, so we recruited him. After just one practice it all just clicked, and here we are.

Why should people listen to you ? 

Well, was told last night that our music is perfect for amping yourself up before a surf or skate, so I guess we’re a little reminiscent of skate and surf vids from the 90s?

Look, the whole ‘mission’ of Muules was to create music we liked and thought was cool, was fun to play, and a challenge. We didn’t expect it really to take a life of its own.

If you dig 90s-flavoured heavy alt-rock, featuring a pint-sized singer with a massive voice, big drums, and bass taking on guitar duties as well, then give us a crack.

Your debut EP give an insight into the writing process behind it and what it’s about 

Of the three tracks that feature, only one (All Heart No Brain) was on the original listing along with two ‘older’ songs, but in the pre-production phase we wrote Butch Teeth and It Just Happens, both of those stood out.

I set up and produced all the pre-production tracks at my home ‘studio’, then we worked with our good friend Brian Goodworth at Big Rock Studio and laid down the tracks over three days. I ended up recording the bass and ‘guitar’ tracks simultaneously, as I would when I play live, and then added a few extra over dubs to thicken it a little. Our good friend Paul Blakey at 12th and Vine (who has worked with Amy Shark and more) took on the Mastering duties.

Though all three tracks are very different to each other, the underlying theme of ‘choices’ is there – choosing a direction in life, choosing to wait for love, choosing to make art.

Where do you aim to be in the future ? 

We love playing live, as most musicians do, so to be able to keep playing and visiting areas is where we’d be at.  Depends on how far into the future you’re talking about though?
I’ve been working on the production of the next single, which we aim to release in February next year – maybe sooner. 

When are you coming to the Uk ? 

When we can afford to…haha.  One of the hardest parts about being an Australian band is the isolation.  We can tour our country relatively easily (it’s a big damn country), and we can head over to New Zealand cheaper than going from the east coast to the west coast, but getting into the Northern Hemisphere takes about a year of planning and fundraising.  That said, strangely, all three of us in Muules have British-born dads (can’t speak for the other two, but mine’s from up in the North), so we do have that connection there, and we love our British rock.  Who knows, it may be sooner rather than later…



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